sábado, fevereiro 10, 2007

The perfect mind

Together, we created a perfect mind, a whisper of light that could enabled us to end all the craziness and all the agony is our dark corner. We spread what was ours to the people that surrounded us, stunning them. Our life became bigger and with more meaning, we were in the right path to become sane. All our ghosts and fears from the past vanished when our souls collided. The smaller things became progressively bigger and we became progressively one. For a time, our breath, our heart and our mind were one. But, like in all the collisions, we started growing further apart; the world around us became dark and shadow. We started loosing our sanity again and the fears from the past haunted us again and we didn’t have the strength to resist.

We got to the starting point, the point when we no longer look back, when we no longer care.

We got apart. The most difficult part was leaving the heart we so dearly unite. But I’m sure we can pass this, for better or for worse we’ll live to see another light.

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Anónimo disse...

absolutely beautifull.


Firefly disse...

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