sexta-feira, abril 27, 2007

Just for you

You don't even know how much I hate you right now. I hate the way you make me feel when I look at your face, almost one year after you left. I tried so hard to forget you, but then you had to storm in my life again, bring pain and that warm feeling that I had erased for good from my life. Tears stream down my face, I remember your kiss...I want to touch you..but I can't, because I'd go blind again. It's so hard to love you when that means I can't love myself, it's so hard to loose you again, when I know I'm already lost.
I hate you because you make me love.
I hate the way I love you.

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Anónimo disse...

you can be a free spirit if you love, but you can't if you hate.

a good friend that lives in my heart told me that once...