domingo, setembro 12, 2010

How people do it...

Scientists do it experimentally.
Zoologists do it with animals.
Graduates do it by degrees.
Biologists do it with clones.
Chemists do it periodically on a table
Professors do it with class.
Electrochemists have greater potential.
Oceanographers do it with currents.
Rocket scientists do it with higher thrust.
Geologists know how to make the bedrock.
Researchers do it with control.
Particle Physicists Do It Energetically
Economists do it with models.
Chess players mate better.
Archaeologists like it dirty.
Photographers do it fully exposed.
Astronauts do it in the dark.
Mathematicians just don’t.

2 comentários:

Firefly disse...

I can say that this doesn't always happen. For several of them...

devlin disse...

I know, it is not accurate, but it is funny :P