sexta-feira, abril 20, 2012

Second, third and forth midterms

Well so the midterm season is over, right now I feel like curling up in the fetal position and sing some happy songs to see if my life can be better.
First and foremost, received the first exam, had 85%, it was ok I guess, but not has high as I would want it to be...after all I went into an interrogation room.
Second exam, Margarida and me stayed up till 2h30 in the morning to finish studying every text in the god damn book, but it paid of! So in recess, while everybody was talking I decided that, if we can use the phone for dictionary, might as well have photos of the exercises from my book and I could check the answers if I had any problem...well it was the best damn idea ever! The exam was literally photocopies from the book (talk about being lazy…)! So I don’t have to say how that exam was so awesomely done ^.^
And then…the third and forth exams, both in the same day. It was so horrible that I can’t even describe it right…so the comprehensive exam was very long and hard (no pun intended), interpretation of a text…in chinese…about a goddess that was bored to be alone on earth, so she decided to create people using the soil…did I mention that it was ALL in chinese? Yeah…
That exam was hard and I know I am to blame cause I should have studied more, but I don’t know why I felt more pressure for this exam than for some other exams in university, silly no?
So, last exam was listening! If I was a lucky girl (I am not) I would that I have the same probability of having a good score in that exam as winning the lottery, cause for me, the process was the same…deep throat guy (I mean the other speaking teacher) and the little girl (listening teacher that looks 14) read the sentences for us, but they were fast…too fast. And I just laugh and went like “yeah this one sounds as good as the other one :P”
Well, about the grades I cannot say anything, I am sure they are going to suck donkeys arse. But my remedy to forget about this is to immerse myself in youtube videos from cute Korean guys and in a lot of Korean dramas that were waiting to be seen this week…
Fascinating no? -.-v

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GotchyaYinYang disse...

Lol grandes aventuras! Boa sorte para as notas :) E parabéns pelas que já recebeste!

devlin disse...

Obrigada :) amanhã vou receber mais duas notas e aposto que não vão ser fantásticas :P