domingo, junho 03, 2012

Soju addictions

So it has finally come to that point and you know that you are old when the cute guys you like are born in the late 80’s and 90’s.  Not that I have anything against some noona (old woman that likes younger man) love, but it is a realization that is hard to do. Oh army when are you gonna give us Jung Ji-Hoon back?
Apart from that I really want to say here that for some reason I’ve became, little by little a complete fan of Kdramas. I intensely see them and I think they bring more colour to my tv viewing hours than anything that America can give me right now… So this week some new dramas started and I just feel very positive about all of them. So now it will be a juggle for time to study and to watch all these beautiful man shows. I still can refrain myself for excessively fangasm over this… but just a little…

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