segunda-feira, abril 16, 2012

First exam of the midterms

So today was the first exam of the midterms, Kouyu test. I tis very important to mention that for the last couple of weeks we haven’t been studying anything, we are lazying around watching korean dramas and very frustrated with class, so we aren’t studying as we should. So, for this exam, no study at all...
So, today the exam lasted for about 4 or 5 minutes, I was the second one going in. I didn’t know if I was more nervous because of the teacher or because of the is very bad when a person you had previously included in scenes from Shower Prince is right in front of you making you speak in his native language. Nonetheless, I started by slipping and almost falling while entering the room, he giggled -.- the room was very poorly lit and only two people inside. I must say I broke the rules and closed the door...oops
Had to read so many chinese words, difficult ones so I decided to learn from last semester experience and read fast, that way he cannot pinpoint where I made a mistake. And at the end I just introduced a classmate, Margarida, and talked about her hobbies and her family. This part of the test was only 1 minute but it sure sounded more like 5 or 10, it was a very awkward exam and I think the grade is going to show that for sure.
Have to give many props to the teacher cause he is always so joyful and goes around in class giggling like a girl (fujoshi I know...) but today I felt the coldness and the poker face he was doing ☹ I felt sad and very stressed by it. 老师,不好意思。

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GotchyaYinYang disse...

A nota vai ser boa ;)

devlin disse...

Foi razoável ^.^